Energy Youth is made up of an amazing, diverse and unique collective of young people who are associated with PBC in some form or another. This could be from regularly attending on a Sunday morning or participating in one of the many different groups and activities you can read more about here. Our ages range from ten to eighteen, and we welcome anybody to come and join in with us, regardless of background or beliefs.


The Energy family also includes a committed and passionate team of adult leaders, most of whom have grown up as part of our youth group; and all of us have a relationship with Jesus which feeds a desire to invest in our younger church. We believe that teenagers should have the opportunity to learn more about God, this world and themselves in an environment where they can be encouraged to share their thoughts, find the truth and contribute to an ongoing dialogue. This challenge is key to our Sunday morning meetings, where we join the adult church for the first twenty minutes of the service, before having separate age-related sessions that focus on both real life and real faith.

However, church isn’t confined to just Sundays. Throughout the week and year there is so much more to get involved in.  



EXPRESSION is our Monday evening middle school house group, designed ideally for those in Years 9 to 11, with a few honourable exceptions either way! We meet in Poynton from 7pm and chat through what the Bible has to say about the hottest topics in society, over food and laughter.


REVS is for teenagers in Year 11 and upwards. Getting together most Sunday evenings in a local home, this interactive group seeks to explore and ignite debate on some of the biggest questions facing this generation.




Many of our creative teenagers go to GENETIK in South Manchester on Wednesday nights. This is run by the Message Trust, a brilliant Christian charity where several of our volunteers work. In their own words…

"In order to help young people explore and express their God-given potential we’ve created a range of opportunities for under-18s. We’re amazingly privileged to know and work with some of the best performers and coaches in the UK. From world-class breakers to professional vocal coaches, our session tutors bring true excellence to teenagers in a friendly workshop environment."

As a church, it has been amazing to watch many of our youth go through this incredible programme, and then witness the worship leaders and performers it produces.


Youth Weekend Away

Every January / February, we have our annual weekend away, WINTER AT THE QUINTA! We take our entire youth group, along with our friends from the other local churches, over to Oswestry where we will then proceed to have a jam-packed, physically exhausting, mind-boggling time together! This weekend is a great way for all our teenagers to gel across their different ages and churches, as they come and experience exciting sessions with engaging talks, worship music, seminars, workshops, wide games, sports and plenty of food! Last year we celebrated our 10th anniversary of QUINTA and we explored the theme of HOME.

Watch our highlight videos below.


And if that weekend over the winter wasn’t enough, Energy Youth always go to WEC CAMP every summer! For over twenty years, PBC has been taking teenagers to Norfolk, Devon and North Wales for a first class camping experience with Bible and missions teaching, with 9 to 13 year olds and those who are 13 to 17 going to two different sites. WEC is a fantastic missionary organisation that our church support, you can read more about camp here.



As you can probably see, we run a busy ship but there is still space for brand new projects and initiatives to take place. For upcoming news on our youth led services, Band E (our youth band) and the plans for a future young teens house group, please watch this space or message our youth leader J Moore.